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Rush Orders

Rush Orders Rush Orders

Rush Orders:  

 RUSH ORDERS:  Special rush handling and Air Shipments

Please keep in mind that we work Tuesday through Saturday, Mountain Time.  

If you have to have an order we go out of our way to get it to you. However if you order and there is a glitch in the system (for example ..we don't get your order,... or ... it is delayed, ... or you order after hours)
We will not know unless you E-mail Us    

Naturally you will be billed for any additional cost incurred at your request. The less you ship the less you pay.

The least expensive FAST way to ship within the USA is Express Mail.

About Shipping in the mail
Ordering a small size to hold you over until the larger size arrives via FedEx Ground can save you money. If you order smaller sizes you should know that 3-10oz bottles (example - one 10 shampoo one 10oz conditioner & one 10oz styling product) can be put in a small box that we can send via Express Mail. Express mail is guaranteed and insured to $100.00 automatically.

Note -

  1. Some places, usually small areas away from a larger city,  Express Mail takes 2 days. We have no way of knowing until we go to the post office.

  2.  Mousse, Hair Spray & products under pressure or containing alcohol can not go in the mail - they must go ground.

If you need something in 3 or 4 days it can go for our standard shipping charge via Priority Mail (again - Mousse, Hair Spray other products containing alcohol can not go in the mail - they must go ground. However - Priority Mail is NOT a guaranteed delivery as is Express Mail. Priority mail can take as mush as 8 days to arrive but, in our experience, over 85% of the time it gets there in 3 days. So if you MUST have it in 1 or 2 days, and you want your money back from the post office if you don't get it, Express mail is the way to go.)

FedEx is happy to ship Overnight.

(Note Pressurized containers like Mousse, Hair Spray and certain other products containing alcohol can NOT go on an airplane so you can not get them by air shipment or via mail.  Should you need one of these items and you are staying in the US we can ship them to your destination so they can meet you there.)

Sending your order to your destination can save you money.

Other times, after FedEX is closed, Greyhound express may able to get it to you quicker than waiting for FedEX to re-open!

Please be aware that shippers occasionally have problems too. Even if we get your order to the shipper, their system may not always get your package to you at the time they say they will. So allow a little extra time whenever possible.

Now about mistakes - when folks are in a hurry they make mistakes (this includes us as well)  - so we will need both your home phone number and a cell phone number, (if you have one), or emergency phone number. In this way we can call you right back should there be a problem with processing the transaction or with address questions /address verification done automatically by the post office. For best accuracy you should place your order on line the e-mail Rush Orders to have it expedited!  This way you typed in your  information - you know it better than we do and will be able to find and correct errors that we just won't see.


Rush Orders

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Rush Orders
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