Aquage Shampoo

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Aquage Shampoo

Aquage Shampoo Aquage Shampoo

Aquage Shampoo:  

Aquage Shampoo is formulated with algaeplex sea botanicals, a carefully selected blend of algae, seaweed and kelp, to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect hair. Aquage products helps beautify your hair by containing the best possible ingredients. The ingredients in Aquage shampoo, such as the popular Aquage Vitalizing Shampoo or Color Protecting Shampoo, combine the healing, nutritive powers of eight different organic seaweeds and algae to increase hair's moisture retention, body, strength, and elasticity.

Aquage Shampoo

Aquage Color Protecting ShampooAquage Color Protecting Shampoo

This ultra-light micro-emulsion protects and seals hair color molecules to prevent fading. It's nutrient-rich sea botanicals help strengthen, nourish and moisturize hair, restoring a healthy shine and natural silky feel.

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Aquage Hydrating ShampooAquage Hydrating Shampoo

With sea silk proteins and Algaeplex sea botanicals, this Hydrating Shampoo repairs dry, damaged hair by restoring moisture. It encourages longer lasting haircolor with it's four way color protection system. Aquage Hydrating Shampoo give hair a healthy shine and leaves it feeling silky smooth.

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Aquage Smoothing ShampooAquage Smoothing Shampoo

For curly, frizzy, chemically treated or unmanageable hair.
Aquage Smoothing Shampoo's nutrient rich sea botanicals make hair manageable, shiny, and silky smooth. It is safe on color treated hair.

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Aquage Vitalizing ShampooAquage Vitalizing Shampoo

This Vitalizing Shampoo is actually a Volumizing shampoo that creates volume with each use. It's weightless cleansing complex gets beneath the hair fiber surface and adds fullness, making hair look and feel thicker. 

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Aquage Shampoo

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Aquage Shampoo
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