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Aquage Products

Aquage ProductsAquage Products

Aquage Products:  

Aquage Color Protecting ShampooAquage Color Protecting Shampoo

This ultra-light micro-emulsion protects and seals hair color molecules to prevent fading. It's nutrient-rich sea botanicals help strengthen, nourish and moisturize hair, restoring a healthy shine and natural silky feel.

 12oz Color Protecting Shampoo $12.00  
35oz Color Protecting Shampoo $28.00   30.70
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Color Protecting Conditioner

This blend of light moisturizers and healing sea botanicals creates a conditioner that replenishes moisture and locks in hair color.

 8oz Color Protecting Conditioner $12.00 
16oz Color Protecting Conditioner $28.00  30.70
  sorry no longer available
Aquage Hydrating ShampooAquage Hydrating Shampoo

With sea silk proteins and Algaeplex sea botanicals, this Hydrating Shampoo repairs dry, damaged hair by restoring moisture. It encourages longer lasting haircolor with it's four way color protection system. Aquage Hydrating Shampoo give hair a healthy shine and leaves it feeling silky smooth.

 8oz Hydrating Shampoo $16.70   18.70
33oz Hydrating Shampoo $37.70  41.70
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Hydrating BalmAquage Hydrating Balm

For haircolor protection that restructures damaged, dry hair and restores moisture.
Aquage Hydrating Balm uses sea silk therapy. It's nourishing sea silk proteins and healing Algaeplex sea botanicals penetrate deep to repair structural damage and restore moisture. It gives hair longer-lasting color retention with it's four way haircolor protection system.
   4oz Hydrating Balm $12.00
16oz Hydrating Balm $29.00 
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Hydrating DetanglerAquage Hydrating Detangler

This ultra light detangler makes your hair easier to comb through by hydrating damaged, dry hair using healing sea botanicals and Sea Silk Proteins.

 8oz Hydrating Detangler $12.00 
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Hydrating Mist

This ultra-light mist replenishes moisture using an infusion of sea silk proteins and healing sea botanicals. It gives your hair added shine and manageability and will leave it feeling silky smooth with it's renewed condition.
 8oz Hydrating Mist $13.00
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Smoothing ShampooAquage Smoothing Shampoo

For curly, frizzy, chemically treated or unmanageable hair.
Aquage Smoothing Shampoo's nutrient rich sea botanicals make hair manageable, shiny, and silky smooth. It is safe on color treated hair.


 12oz Smoothing Shampoo $10.00 
33oz Smoothing Shampoo $27.70  30.70
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Equalizing Detangler

This weightless conditioner gives the user an easier, gentler combing experience. Aquage Equalizing Detangler lubricates the shaft of the hair, smoothes the cuticle and equalizes porosity.

 12oz Equalizing Detangler $12.98 15.40
35oz Equalizing Detangler $28.00 
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Vitalizing ShampooAquage Vitalizing Shampoo

This Vitalizing Shampoo is actually a Volumizing shampoo that creates volume with each use. It's weightless cleansing complex gets beneath the hair fiber surface and adds fullness, making hair look and feel thicker. 


 12oz Vitalizing Shampoo $10.00
32oz Vitalizing Shampoo $24.90  27.90
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Healing ConditionerAquage Healing Conditioner

This conditioner uses an advanced formula that infuses the hair with sea botanicals that nourish, heal and repair damaged areas, strengthening and adding elasticity to hair. It moisturizes and strengthens from within.

   6oz Healing Conditioner $16.70  18.70
16oz Healing Conditioner $32.40    36.00
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Beyond Body Thermal StylerAquage Beyond Body Thermal Styler

This styling spray is activated by heat. It protects and seals the outer layer of hair with ceramic infused polymers and fortifying proteins. Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Styler is perfect for giving your hair amazing body, shine, and strength.

 7oz Beyond Body Thermal Styler $19.00 22.70
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Beyond ShineAquage Beyond Shine

This advanced formula is ultra-light and prevents loss of moisture by providing a long lasting reflective sheen. When used with a flat iron or blow dryer it can also polish and silken unruly texture.

 5oz Beyond Shine $16.70  18.70
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Curl CremeAquage Curl Defining Creme

For eliminating frizz and defining curls while leaving your hair soft and flexible.
Aquage Curl Defining Creme is perfect for enhancing curl definition on curly or coarse hair, without adding volume or hold. This lightweight styling creme will leave your hair feeling naturally soft and flexible.

 6oz Curl Defining Creme $16.70  22.70
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Defining GelAquage Defining Gel

For permed, textured, or naturally curly hair.

This flexible-hold gel creates control and a healthy shine that defines and unites hair strands.
   6oz Defining Gel $16.00
16oz Defining Gel $26.00
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Detailing CremeAquage Detailing Creme

This texturizing creme is ultra light. It smoothes the outer surface of hair and reduces flyaways, and defines random texture and detail without adding extra weight to hair.

  4oz Detailing Creme $16.70  18.70
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Freeforming LatexAquage FreeForming Latex

For creating freeform texture and adding brilliant gloss.
Use your fingers to tousle-in texture with this unique texturizing latex.
sorry no longer avaialable

Aquage Freezing FoamAquage Freezing Foam

For creating structure, support, and an ultra-strong hold  for extreme effects.
Aquage Freezing Foam combines sea botanicals and polymer technology that create lasting results.
 7oz Freezing Foam $18.00  21.10
  sorry no longer available

  Aquage Illuminating GeladeAquage Illuminating Gelade

Aquage Illuminating Gelade combines the brilliant shine and texturizing ability of pomade with the control of a styling gel. This inovative micro emulsion is infused with liquid crystals.
 4oz Illuminating Gelade $18.00   21.10
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Molding MegagelAquage Molding Megagel

Containing two unique holding agents, Aquage Molding Megagel will give you a unique,  weightless, flexible hold.


 6oz Molding Megagel $18.00  20.90
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing SprayAquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

For creating random, undone texture and building volume.
Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray will give you that "just left the beach" look. It's magnesium-rich Dead sea salts and light weight  polymers will create a hold that gives you randomly textured styles and added thickness and volume.

 8oz Sea Salt Texturizing Spray $17.00  19.10
  sorry no longer available
Aquage Straightening UltragelAquage Straightening Ultragel

This exclusive blend of Sea Fennel Oil and ultra-light silicones will leave your hair silky-straight with a vibrant, healthy shine.


 7oz Straightening Ultragel $17.00  20.90
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Texturizing WaxAquage Texturizing Wax

For creating definition, texture, separation and shine.
Aquage Texturizing Wax is an ultra-light formula that will give you the shine and flexibility of pomade plus the lasting hold of a wax.

 3.1oz Texturizing Wax $21.70   23.10
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Thickening Spray GelAquage Thickening Spray Gel

For strengthening and dramatically thickening wet or dry hair as you style. Aquage Thickening Spray Gel uses Algaeplex sea botanicals and Ultra-flex polymer technology to create a firm holding spraygel that gives you style retention and lasting volume with out flaking or dusting. Provides maximum resistance to humidity. Shampoos out easily.

 8oz Thickening Spray Gel $16.10  18.10
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Transforming PasteAquage Transforming Paste

This tacky, non-greasy paste will give you the hold of a hairspray plus the control of pomade. Create texture with a shine finish by applying product to hair and blow drying into desired effect.

 3.5oz Transforming Paste $20.10  22.10
  sorry no longer available
Aquage Ultra Shine ComplexAquage Ultra Shine Complex

Aquage Ultra Shine Complex adds moisture and shine to hair while strengthening. Using Sea Fennel Oil, it eliminates frizz and silkens dry, coarse or curly hair.

 1.35oz Ultra Shine Complex $23.60  26.60
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Uplifting FoamAquage Uplifting Foam

This weightless formula gives you long lasting style without adding stiffness to hair. Aquage Uplifting Foam gives you maximum lift away from the scalp by concentrating the foam on the root area.

 8oz Uplifting Foam $17.10  19.10
  sorry no longer available

Aquage Volumizing TreatmentAquage Volumizing Treatment

For adding moisture, strength and body to the core of the hair shaft.
Aquage Volumizing Treatment gives you healing sea botanicals, weightless body-building proteins, and essential nutrients that will hydrate, strengthen and thicken your hair.


 7oz Volumizing Treatment $17.46  19.99
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Finishing SprayAquage Finishing Spray

This hair spray gives you lasting style retention that you can easily brush through.
Aquage Finishing Spray is firm holding and fast drying. It gives you maximum shine and resistance to humidity.

 10oz Finishing Spray $16.20 18.30
   2oz  Finishing Spray Travel size $8.25v
Aquage Freezing SprayAquage Freezing Spray

Powerful new hairspray resin delivers extreme holding power while creating maximum shine. Instantly locks in style and volume or freezes individual strands as you build a hairstyle.
 10oz Freezing Spray $16.00  18.00
  sorry no longer available

  Aquage Transforming SprayAquage Transforming Spray

Delivers extreme texturizing power with dry hold, never tacky or greasy feeling. Fast drying formula allows you to direct hair creatively and lock in place instantly. Perfect for creating texture, volume and lift on fine or lifeless hair. Exceptional humidity resistance and brilliant shine finish.

 10oz Transforming Spray $13.00
  sorry no longer available
Aquage Working SprayAquage Working Spray

Firm holding, nonaerosol hairspray with a workable dry down period which allows you to style and texturize with fingers or brush as you build hold. Locks in style and gives radiant shine. Also excellent for thermal styling. Advanced formula never sticks to your curling iron.

   8oz Working Spray $23.00  25.50
32oz Working Spray $43.90  43.90
  sorry no longer available
  Aquage Silkening Oil TreatmentAquage Silkening Oil Treatment
with SeaExtend Ultimate Color Care

Smooth and silken coarse, frizzy and curly hair. Lightweight enough for all hair types. Contains unique blends of sea kale, sea fennel and sea beet extracts to restore moisture, protect & soothe the scalp. Contains Argan oil & sweet almond oil that penetrates to nourish & silken hair, fight humidity and control frizz. Protects from heat damaged and adds shine. Crystal-clear formula.

   4.5oz Silkening Oil Treatment $30.95  34.99
  sorry no longer available

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