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Abba Styling Aids

Abba Styling Aids Abba Styling Aids

Abba Styling Aids:  

Abba Styling and Finishing products contain a selection of gels, pomades, and styling sprays that are designed to mold and sculpt all types of hair styles using natural ingredients. Pure ingredients including Mica Crystals, Grapefruit, Avocado, and Comfrey are incorporated into each formula to offer heat protection and control. Each Abba product delivers natural style with incredible texture, shine, and hold. Abba shampoos contain 100% Vegan products. Protect your hair and the earth!

Abba Styling Aids

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Abba Styling Aids

Abba Pure Curl PrepABBA Pure Curl Prep
was called True Curls Activating Tonic

ABBA Pure Curl Prep restores shine and curl pattern to dry hair. Activating tonic conditions and shapes curls without stiffness or added weight. Pure Curl Prep is for both naturally curly and permed hair.

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  Abba Pure Shine SprayABBA Pure Shine Spray
was called Mica

ABBA Pure Shine Spray contains conditioning emollients that give your hair a natural shine. This botanically rich, non-greasy formula smoothes even the roughest hair and calms with a mixtures of lavender and juniper.

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Abba Pure Shine DropsABBA Pure Shine Drops
was called Shine Elixir

ABBA Pure Shine Drops is a serum that makes your hair smooth and shiny.

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  Abba Pure Volume GelABBA Pure Volume Gel
was called Gel-Lotion

ABBA Pure Volume Gel is a maximum support styling gel that gives you an ultra-firm hold that never flakes or leaves a sticky residue. This is an alcohol free gel that adds strong texture, controls frizz, builds volume and locks in shine. The lightweight, liquid texture is enhanced by balancing essences of melon and bergamot.

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Abba Pure PomadeABBA Pure Pomade
was Abba Pomade

ABBA Pure Pomade defines and texturizes with avocado-lipids that created hold, anti-humectants that eliminate frizz and mica that adds shine. Use to texturize, separate and smooth hair with just a touch without adding weight to your hair. Contains extracts of rose, jasmine and citrus that provide a sensational finish.

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  Abba Pure Finish GelABBA Pure Finish Gel
was called Weightless Gel

ABBA Pure Finish Gel is an ultra hold styling gel that has an energizing base of grapefruit, orange and peppermint to elevate your locks and hold your style effortlessly for the entire day.

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Abba Pure Style GelABBA Pure Style Gel
was called Gelsential

ABBA Pure Style Gel is a volumizing gel for fuller, thicker, shinier hair that works well on fine, limp, lifeless hair and holds firmly all day.

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Abba Styling Aids

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