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Abba Conditioner

Abba Conditioner Abba Conditioner

Abba Conditioner:  

Pick your Abba Conditioner FIRST! Get natural treatments that soften, soothe, detangle, moisturize, control unruly hair and add shine. Choose your conditioner based on what your hair needs today. Next pick your Abba shampoo that matches the Abba conditioner.  This combination is designed to work best to meet your hair needs. Abba conditioners contain 100% Vegan products. Protect your hair and the earth! (Abba conditioner as seen on the HairMatters,us Conditioner  page.)

Abba Conditioner

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Abba Conditioner

ABBA Pure Basic Conditioner
 was called TruMint Conditioner
 ABBA Pure Daily (was Basic) Conditioner contains an innovative combination of protein & amino acids that accelerate restructuring of hair. Polymeric detangles add softness and shine. Moisturizing complex & Panthenol, (a B vitamin)  prevent moisture loss, protecting your hair.

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  Abba Color Protect ConditionerABBA Color Protect Conditioner
was Creme Masque Conditioner

ABBA Color Protect Conditioner is for fragile, severely damaged or dehydrated hair. This shampoo soothes your hair cuticles and works to repair damage while infusing vitality, condition and shine instantly. Use this intensive revitalizing treatment every other week to restore life to dull, fragile or lifeless hair.

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Abba Pure Moisture ConditionerABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner
was Moisture Scentsation Conditioner

ABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner is a two minute re-moisturizer. Pure Moisture's herbal therapy creme formula leaves hair detangle and feather-light with lasting body, volume and a minty-fresh aroma. Stimulate the scalp and sense with unforgettable extracts of eucalyptus, peppermint and geranium. Use daily for intense moisturization on dry, parched hair.

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  Abba Pure Recovery ConditionerABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner
was called Recoup Conditioner

ABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner contains proteins that rebuild hair from the inside-out for added strength and manageability. Calm your hair and senses with extracts of lavender and juniper. A must for chemically treated hair. Use twice a week to provide protein replenishment for weak, fragile hair or chemically treated hair.

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Abba Pure Curl ConditionerABBA Pure Curl Conditioner
was called True Curls Conditioner

ABBA Pure Curl Conditioner is a curl enhancing conditioner that revitalizes, detangles and adds shape and shine to curly or wavy hair.

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  Abba Pure Gentle ConditionerABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner
was called Nourishing Conditioner

ABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner is a leave in/on moisturizer for hair and skin that gives control to coarse, curly and frizzy hair. The cherry bark and passion flower formula will moisturize skin as well as hair.

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Abba Pure Shine ConditionerABBA Pure Shine Conditioner
was called True Shine Conditioner

ABBA Pure Shine Conditioner detangles, moisturizes and gives your hair a smooth, frizz-free, long lasting shine. Great on dull, rough or coarse hair.

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  Abba Pure Volume ConditionerABBA Pure Volume Conditioner
was called Thickening Conditioner

ABBA Pure Volume Conditioner actually increases the diameter of hair, adding thickness, fullness and an exotic texture. Pure Volume Conditioner plumps, controls static, adds shine and teases the sense with grapefruit, orange and peppermint.

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Abba Conditioner

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